Establishing a Legacy of Faith through

love and service, with the focus of sharing and

teaching the joy of inspirational music.

Larry & Alice Beebe

are  an extraordinary, multi-talented husband and wife team with extensive experiences in directing, teaching, performing, producing, script, lyric and music composition.

Alice is a native of Wyoming, and Larry is from Utah.  They received their education in music from Utah State University.  Alice specialized in Vocal Music Education with a focus on Vocal Performance and Choral Conducting, while Larry focused on Instrumental Conducting and Music Composition.  When asked, about advanced degrees, they often respond that they received their advanced degrees from the School of Experience. 


It is hard to separate their experiences because together they are a great team to make good things happen over and over again. 

A Little History

  • Owner of Larice Music Enterprises (music publishing company) and W. W. Phelps Printing Company

  • Created the musical scores for a number of major productions including, There Are No Limits, Vision of Love, Walking In the Light, and Families are Eternal.

  • For over 30 years, Larry and Alice continue to produce and distribute sheet music featuring original Christian songs, hymn arrangements and many of their own compositions.  This music is known as The Beebe Sound and is played and sung by thousands around the world.

  • They both serve together in their church and continue to teach, share and inspire congregations with beautiful, inspiring music.

  • Currently serving as composer and arranger for the video series, There Is More to Music than Music and their Home-Centered Music series. 

A Little History

  • President of America's Family Learning Center (educational organization)

  • Director of Handel's Messiah and There Are No Limits.

  • Scripted and Directed the production, Vision of Love, Walking In the Light, Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Signing of the United States Constitution in Washington, DC entitled "Ring the Bells of Freedom"

  • Director of Performance and touring Groups

    • The New Sound Singers​

    • The Mormon Chorale

    • Young Citizens of America Ambassadors

  • Served as Chairman of the Independence Attractions Coalition and President of the Independence Square Association

  • ​Served in the Reagan Administration, Washington, DC

  • Currently serving as a church organist and Director of The Heartland of America Community Choir and Orchestra.